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CIS Participant and Volunteer Instructor Lois Orr taught in various capacities for nearly 75 years. She began teaching grade school classes when she was in high school. She taught jewelry making and crafts classes for the past 40 years at craft shops, summer camps and the Chatsworth Woman's Club. CIS offers classes on Monday thru Thursday mornings from 10am-12Noon. Lois donated well over $3000 of supplies for the class and hundreds of hours in volunteer time. The current instructor receives help from a dedicated staff person and has several volunteers to assist her.

Participants learn to make a variety of colorful, creatively designed jewelry and crafts including eyeglass lens-based pennants, necklaces, bead earrings, friendship thread plaques, jar top-based pin cushions, doves of peace, flower earrings and hair clips, visors, Christmas Bell earrings, 4th of July earrings, bracelets and bandanas. Items are given to family and friends as gifts and sold for a modest price at CIS events and around the holidays.

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