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People served will live healthy independent, meaningful and dignified lives as participating members of society; this will be accomplished by supporting people to maximize their health in mind, body and spirit and by changing community attitudes about the people we serve.


CIS will demonstrate leadership in the Preventive Health field for older adults, others with disabilities and their caregivers; CIS will develop a modern Community Support Center that can be replicated in other population-dense, diverse geographic areas. The Center will offer a unique combination of direct services, Care Coordination and Information and Referral in various languages via the CIS Senior and Disability Resource Center. The Community Support Center will change the face of preventive healthcare for older adults in day service settings. The new model will counter and displace government-driven, deficit-based institutional environments that typically carve out populations and group them together for day services. Participant volunteerism and participant involvement in program leadership will be a signature of the modern Center. There will be a cost-effective, stratified acuity amongst participants so as not to create a heavy atmosphere with a high ratio of people with serious health conditions. There will be positive energy flowing through an elegant, upbeat environment where people are dignified and proud to attend; not ashamed of affiliation, their identity or their illness. People will be lifted up. CIS will continue to develop new Lifelong Learning classes and integrated social recreational opportunities that bring various peoples together gracefully and appeal to the modern older adult population and the community at-large. Participants will be assisted to design and implement their own activities, classes and skills development. The CIS staff will support program participants in achieving healthy, independent, active and productive lives through empowerment, so that they become included in a meaningful way in their community.


Social inclusion adds tremendous value to our society. People with aging challenges and disabilities should naturally, typically and comfortably socialize and be involved in the community. They have inherent social value to share and are capable of responsibility. People with aging challenges and disabilities deserve enriched environments that stimulate positive attitude and encourage people to be the best they can be. People with aging challenges and disabilities can benefit from the stimulation of activities in the community and many have wisdom to share and work they can do. People with aging challenges and disabilities of different cultures can help build bridges to the rest of the world. CIS supports one person at a time at his/her own pace to live an everyday life. We aim to go beyond physical inclusion in program or community to support people in meaningful community membership. We believe people start and arrive at different places in life. Some need transitional support to engage the community and some need ongoing support. Changing community perspectives may take some time and will require strength and innovation. CIS aims to attract such innovators who will go beyond caretaking to help transcend communities in their social acceptance and to embrace the people we serve.

"The Place To Be."

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